Connect to Contentful

From the main page of Clove, select your hub and visit the "Connections" page. On this page, you will see a section for "Contentful" that tells you whether you are connected or not.

Clove will not pull down any content from Contentful unless you activate the modules that you want to include. Visit the "Modules" page for your hub and enable the particular modules that you want your hub to use.

Contentful API Keys

When you connect to Contentful, we'll prompt you for your "Space ID" and "Delivery API Access Token".

To find your Space ID, visit "Settings > General Settings" in Contentful. Copy this value into Clove.

You will need to create a new API token for Clove in order to connect it. Go to "Settings > API Keys" and click "Add API Key" at the top right. The name and description of your API key do not matter, but the "Environment" should be selected as "master" or as an alias to "master". Copy the "Content Delivery API - access token" into Clove.

Once you have these values entered, click "Save" in Clove and you're connected!

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